Inheritance Builders is committed to helping our clients achieve quality stewardship of His resources, while encouraging the building of a multi-generational legacy of spiritual dependence upon Jesus Christ.

There are two ingredients in our mission.

  • The first, “Inheritance Builders is committed to helping our clients achieve quality stewardship of His resources,” has immediately tangible results.  We believe one’s values are reflected in their expenditure of the time and treasure they’ve been given.  We hope to encourage clients to keep a Kingdom focus in the expenditure of all their resources.

Now undoubtedly, if you are a Christian, then you are part of God’s Kingdom and should evaluate how to take care of your area of responsibility.  Much the same as Nehemiah tasked the wall builders with shoring up the wall of Jerusalem that was in front of their own houses or their area of responsibility, we assist in the shoring of up the financial house of our family of clients.

We encourage clients to follow Biblical principles in financial management.  It includes investing in various vehicles appropriate to each family’s circumstance.  In order to evaluate the needs and goals of each client, they often ask us to create a Financial Plan.  Financial planning conglomerates all of the family’s financial life into one document, thus giving a better picture of the family’s overall financial situation.  Once we have a broader picture, then we are better able to implement the financial principles into each situation appropriately.

In implementation, we offer buy and hold strategies using no load mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs).  We also offer cash flow strategies using large cap domestic stocks, fitting our stringent criteria, for those clients interested in taking advantage of the monthly ebbs and flows of the marketplace without taking on disproportionate risk.  We also offer Indexed Annuities for those clients who need greater stability of their principle while still desiring to participate in some of the upward market movements that do take place.

We also screen all of our investments to help your investments reflect your values.  Before we take a position in a mutual fund, stock or ETF we screen the holdings to see if they are profiting from things such as pornography, abortion, human right violations, etc.  This is something very few financial advisors offer and a major value we bring to our clients.

  • The second half of our mission, “…while encouraging the building of a multi-generational legacy of spiritual dependence upon Jesus Christ,” has an educational and vision approach.  To fulfill this aspect of our mission we offer our clients counsel that encourages this vision, as well as conducting seminars around the country offering our unique perspective to stewardship and discipleship.

Proverbs 13:22 says, “A good man leaves and inheritance to his children’s children.”  This is a three generational vision of familial interconnect, which we assert includes being fully dependent upon learning to relate as Jesus to each other.  We are convinced an inheritance includes houses and wealth, but does not stop there.  The family teaches us how we to love one another.  When fathers embrace a vision extending out 150 years, then they choose to put in place restraints needed to carry out their vision (Prov. 29:18 NASB).

We see stewardship impacting all aspects of our lives.  Including financial, intellectual, spiritual, and human relationships.  We encourage a holistic approach to stewardship focused on the third generation reaping the rewards of our labors and our character.

If you feel the Inheritance Builders’ approach to stewardship would  be a blessing to your family or your congregation, you can schedule a seminar conducted by Jeremy Becker.  He has done multi-generational family retreats and seminars for churches from various denominations.  Churches need not worry; Jeremy is not in the business of doing seminars to promote anything other than following Jesus Christ with our all in all.