Christian Wealth Management

We recognize a level of responsibility for stewardship in each area of wealth we’ve been given.  We categorize these areas as financial, intellectual, Spiritual and human (relational) wealth.

Taking a holistic planning approach to stewardship begins with the establishment of what you value most.  We then screen your current financial portfolio to see if it is in line with your defined values.  Many Christians are dismayed to find their portfolio to be profiting from pornography, abortion, oppression of humanity and things of this sort.  We carefully develop and maintain an investment portfolio attempting to maintain our client’s defined values in the middle of world rampant with the promotion of sin.

Our planning takes into account all areas of wealth one has been given to manage, with an eye toward stewarding each for Kingdom purpose and benefits.  We help you organize your perspective on wealth to better equip you to make the critical decisions needed for proper goal setting.  We are here to walk down the road of life together with you, come what may.

Financial and Life Plans are handled on a case by case basis.  Call for further information on your situation.

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